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Find the best scuba diving in Aruba while enjoying your stay at one of our Hotels or Beach Resorts that offer dive packages with diving lessons, reef snorkeling and dive charters.

Aruba Dive LocationsSolutions for many of your Aruba diving needs can be found right here on Caribbean Places to Stay, from simple to extravagant. Find the perfect dive resorts that can provide any rental equipment you need for your dive vacation, from a simple mask and snorkel to the sophisticated scuba gear desired by experts. In the resorts, you have purpose built dive boats available for hire, as well as all inclusive dive resorts with prepackaged dives and transportation. While you are on your Caribbean Island vacation, take the opportunity to qualify for or upgrade your PADI diving certificate, learning from world class dive instructors. Experience the equivalent of human flight in the clear Caribbean Sea, with an incredible array of scenery and brilliantly colored fish for a background.

Scuba divers need accommodations, lessons, equipment, or a dive charter. Contact on of our Aruba Hotels or Resorts and enjoy your Caribbean holiday!

Popular Dive Locations and Sites


Locally referred to as the "Ghost Ship", this World War II German freighter (brand new at the time) was scuttled when the Germans invaded. At 400' long, this wreck is the =largest in the Caribbean. it is great for penetrations due to the large compartments of this vessel and large number of fish living in the coral encrustation

Arashi Airplane

An excellent reef for beginning divers, parts of a Lockheed Loadstar sit in 35' of water with plenty of coral formations, parrot fish and angelfish surrounding it.

Blue Reef & Debby II

The Blue Reef has long been a popular dive spot, with leaf and brain corals spread over a large area, as well as purple, orange, and green giant barrel sponges. Huge lobsters and stingray inhabit the reef waiting to be photographed. A 120' fuel barge was sunk on the reef in 1992 to attract schooling fish and barracudas.

Jane Sea Wreck

Beautiful coral formation and a wide variety of tropical fish surround the wreck of this 250' cement freighter that sits upright in 90' of water.


A beginner's paradise offering a combination of large pieces of wreck spread out between coral formations. This wreck was torpedoed by a German submarine and large pieces are spread between coral formations. You can see sections of cabins, wash basins, lavatories, etc. as well as the pipe line system that goes with this oil tanker.

The Airplanes

Two airplanes, an S-11 and a DC-3, have been sunk intentionally as an artificial reef. After hurricane Lenny in 1999 the DC-3 was dragged to 80 feet of water and broken into two big pieces where penetration of the wreck is still possible. Other parts of this plane are located at a depth of 45 feet on a reef. The S-11 was sunk in 2004 and except for the nose the plane is completely intact.

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