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Find the best scuba diving in Belize while enjoying your stay at one of our Hotels or Beach Resorts that offer dive packages with diving lessons, reef snorkeling and dive charters.

Belize Dive LocationsSolutions for many of your Belize diving needs can be found right here on Caribbean Places to Stay, from simple to extravagant. Find the perfect dive resorts that can provide any rental equipment you need for your dive vacation, from a simple mask and snorkel to the sophisticated scuba gear desired by experts. In the resorts, you have purpose built dive boats available for hire, as well as all inclusive dive resorts with prepackaged dives and transportation. While you are on your Caribbean Island vacation, take the opportunity to qualify for or upgrade your PADI diving certificate, learning from world class dive instructors. Experience the equivalent of human flight in the clear Caribbean Sea, with an incredible array of scenery and brilliantly colored fish for a background.

Scuba divers need accommodations, lessons, equipment, or a dive charter. Contact on of our Belize Hotels or Resorts and enjoy your Caribbean holiday!

Dive Packages
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Popular Dive locations and Sites

The Blue Hole

One of the best known dive sites in the world, The Blue Hole is a collapsed sink hole more than 1000' across and 450' deep. The roof of the cave is about 130' depth and is coverd in stalactites up to three feet in diameter. There are often reef and bull sharks in the area.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Mayan for "Little Channel", Hol Chan is a deep cut in the barrier reef off Ambergris Caye. The park is actively patrolled to ensure no anchoring, no touching the coral, and no fishing. This has resulted in abundant marine life, and healthy Stands of elkhorn coral. There is a strong current that runs through this 30' deep cut, but also dense schools of jacks, snapper, barracuda and grouper.

Turneffe Reef

The largest and most diverse of Belize's three open ocean coral atolls, Turneffe Island is also the most accessible, and has a popular lodge to stay at. The Elbow is the best known dive site on this reef, with the ocean current attracting large schools of pelagic fish.

Lighthouse Reef

Lighthouse Reef is the second coral atoll and is the farthest from the mainland, encircling a 30-mile-long lagoon that contains the famous Blue Hole. The reef also offers an abundant variety of topography, such as walls, grooves and channels, and caves. Most of the reef is in protected marine zones.

Glover's Reef

The third of Belize's coral Atoll's, Glover's Reef is the most remote and least visited atoll, but it offers more than 50 miles of fringing reef. The interior cayes of the atoll are home to small lodges, but Glover's can also be reached by day boats from Hopkins .

Gladden Spit

A renowned spot for diving with massive whale sharks. This mid-ocean site is the natural spawning ground for a variety of marine species. Whale sharks come regularly to feed on the rich and plentiful reproductive by-product. Whale-shark sightings are fairly common here from late March through June, August to October and in December and January.

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