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Simpson Bay Beach
Simpson Bay

Although the beach is lovely, Simpson Bay Beach is uncrowded and is worth the visit for lovers of deserted beaches.

Anegada - Beaches
Flash of Beauty Beach

Flash of Beauty Beach features coral sand, crystal clear water, and a unique trail of conch shells leading from the beach bar to the shoreline. In addition to beachcombing and sunbathing, there is also excellent snorkelling.

Loblolly Bay

Any trip to Anegada has to include a visit to the fantastic beach and reef at Loblolly Bay. Stake out a place on the beach and enjoy some of the most spectacular snorkeling in the B.V.I., accessible right off this beautiful white sand beach, inside of the white foaming breakers on the reef's outer edge.

Aruba - Beaches
Baby Beach

Baby Beach is located in the area known as Seroe Colorado at the southeastern end of the island. It got its name because the calm and shallow waters make it ideal for children and/or inexperienced swimmers. Snorkelers will enjoy gorgeous coral heads in the channel.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is a well-visited public beach for locals, replete with shaded picnic areas and plenty of parking right off the main road.

Hadicurari Beach

Located just south of the lighthouse near the northwestern tip of Aruba and is known for terrific snorkeling.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is famous for calm waters and is located right in front of the luxurious high-rise hotel stretch of the island.

Rodgers Beach

This beach features a slightly rough surf. It is located close to the Baby Beach, offering shady areas and shower facilities.

Bahamas - Beaches
Fortune Beach

Fortune Beach is a quiet beach, five miles from Port Lucaya Marketplace. The beach got its name from a shipwreck worth $2 million which was discovered there. Banana Bay restaurant is located here; it has good food and is a great place for private functions. You will need your own transportation to get there, or you can purchase a tour that visits this beach.

Gold Rock Beach

Gold Rock Beach is part of our National Park and is protected by the National Trust. This beach is located east of the Island (about 25 miles from Freeport) and is secluded and spectacular at low tide. It can be accessed via tour bus or rental car. BBQ pits, picnic tables and benches are available, but no other amenities. North of the beach, across the road are the Lucayan Caverns, the world's longest underground surveyed cave system.

Lucaya Beach

Lucaya Beach is located across from the Port Lucaya hotels. This popular tourist beach has just about any water-sport activity, from snorkeling to parasailing. It's also a nice stretch of beach for strolling.

Mather Town Beach

Mather Town Beach is about three miles from Port Lucaya. There are limited water activities, but it is a great beach for swimming, eating, drinking and hanging out with the locals. Club Caribe restaurant and Margaritavilla Sand Bar are located here.

Paradise Cove Beach

Paradise Cove Beach, located in the west, is a quiet, secluded beach, offering snorkeling and volleyball as well as food and drink. Various tour packages provide transportation to this beach, which is open from 10 a.m. to sunset.

Taino Beach

Taino Beach, located in the Lucaya area, is ideal for families with children ,as it has a small playground. During holidays the beach is the site of many local "cook-outs." Several restaurants are here including The Stoned Crab, Kaptain Kenny's Bay Watch and Toni Macaroni's Beach Experience (featuring roast conch and conch salad). There is limited water activity available;hair braiding, straw goods and other souvenirs are available at Kaptain Kennys.

Barbados - Beaches
Batts Rock

Batts Rock is located on the west coast of the island just a few minutes from the capital city of Bridgetown.

Batts Rock is a designated Public Beach area and has picnic benches, shower and changing facilities, drinks machine, and a small children's playground with slides, swings, and see-saws.

The sea here is calm and excellent for swimming while the crystal-clear waters and small rocky areas make it an interesting snorkeling location as well.

Batts Rock adjoins Paradise beach and the wooded area between the two beaches is equipped with benches, with the trees providing the perfect shade for picnics.

Fitts Village

The area contains several reefs and with clear blue waters its good for snorkeling. Ocassionally you may even spot a turtle surfacing for a breath of air. There are also areas along this coast that are excellent for swimming. This is typically a quiet beach, and is the ideal spot to relax with a good book under the shade, or enjoying the sea and sun.

Picnic benches are scattered among the Casuarina trees lining the shore, and to the north is a small, open esplanade complete with benches.

Paynes Bay Beach

Located along the west coast, in the parish of St.James, is Paynes Bay beach.

There is a public entrance to the beach opposite the Coach House restaurant and another entrance a little further to the north. Along the former, you will find two small changing area for patrons of Coach House.

Coach House also runs a small beach stand, where you can purchase drinks and snacks.

Beach chairs are available for rental and there are several shaded areas on the beach to which you can retreat when the sun gets a bit too hot.

The waters here are very calm and the area is safe for swimming.

The Sandy Lane

This magnificent beach is situated on the west coast of Barbados, just south of the Holetown area.

The Caribbean waters here are very calm, making this a great spot for swimming. Jet skis and catamarans pass by, along with the occasional local fishing boat. Widely known as the "Sandy Lane" beach, this stretch takes its name from the luxurious Sandy Lane Hotel which is nestled in the mahogany trees, directly off this beach. First opened in 1961, this magnificent hotel has gained a reputation as one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean, and has welcomed royalty, celebrities, and the business elite.

Bridgetown - Beaches
Brandons Beach

Brandons Beach is located just on the outskirts of the capital city of Bridgetown, on the west coast of Barbados. The waters here are very calm and this is a great place to swim, and is also the perfect place for cruise visitors to spend the day in Barbados.

Buck Island - Beaches
Turtle Beach
Buck Island

Turtle Beach is located on Buck Island and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean. You can access this beach by taking one of the many charter sail boats that visit the island each day. Be sure to visit the island's under-water snorkeling trail.

Caneel Bay - Beaches
Honeymoon Beach
Caneel Bay

Only several feet and a large boulder away from Solomon's, Honeymoon is more inviting for the clothed visitors lodging at Caneel Bay. These beaches both face St. Thomas and Pillsbury Sound. Rather small but hey, who needs Ocean City anyway.

Christiansted - Beaches
Protestant Cay

Protestant Cay is located just off the shore from Christiansted. Take a short ferry ride to get to the beautiful sandy beach at "Hotel on the Cay"with crystal clear water and a breathtaking view.

Cruz Bay - Beaches
Solomon's Beach
Cruz Bay

Known for nude sunbathing, illegal as it may be, Solomon's is a small and enchanting spot under the palms at the base of the trail leading from Cruz Bay town, up to a beautiful panoramic vista, and back down again to Solomon's Bay.

Cupecoy Bay - Beaches
Cupecoy Beach
Cupecoy Bay

Cupecoy Beach is a small, clothing optional beach located at the Southwest corner of St Maarten, on the Dutch side of the island. It is lined with beautiful rock formations and caves.

Dawns Beach - Beaches
Dawn Beach
Dawns Beach

Dawn Beach is a sugar white powdery sand beach facing the East side of St. Maarten with a spectacular views of the sunrise and St. Barths in the distance. The snorkeling is incredible, with the coral reef right off the shore, you just have to wade into the water.

Freetown - Beaches
Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, on the southeastern coast, stretches for almost a mile and is a national park located along the Atlantic Ocean with a large reef that protects the shore.

Grand Cayman - Beaches
Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach (SMB) is a long crescent of coral-sand beach on the western shore of Grand Cayman island. The beach is world renowned for its beauty, recently receiving the honor of "The Caribbean's Best Beach" from Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. SMB is the most popular and in turn, the most developed area of Grand Cayman and is home to the majority of the island's luxury resorts and hotels. Despite the name, the beach is only about 5.5 miles long and falls victim to annual erosion, which has reduced its size in some areas. There are few restrictions on use of the beach. Open grilling is allowed, and pets are free to roam the beach off leash. Loud music and public nudity are, however, strictly prohibited.

Jost Van Dyke - Beaches
Sandy Cay
Jost Van Dyke

Sandy Cay, a six-acre island less than a mile offshore east of Jost Van Dyke, has a sandy white beach, coconut palm trees, a nice offshore reef, and a wooded interior. There is alsa a trail that circles the interior salt pond and takes you past rocky cliffs favored by nesting seabirds. Conditions are also favorable for windsurfing and kiteboarding near the island.

Little Harbour - Beaches
Little Harbour
Little Harbour

This tiny harbour has a narrow, short beach and almost no surf, perfect for swimming and beginner Sunfish sailing. Hemingway’s Restaurant sits atop the western bluff.

Mead's Bay - Beaches
Mead’s Bay
Mead's Bay

One of the widest and longest beaches on the island, Mead’s Bay is quiet and pristine — perfect for evening strolls and morning runs. Gentle breakers lap the shore making swimming and snorkeling fun and safe. Carimar Beach Club and Malliouhana, Frangipani and Blanchard’s restaurants are right off the beach.

Negril - Beaches
Jamaica Beaches
Tel: 888-232-2437
Beaches knows how to please families—one member at a time. With top-of-the-line features and activities galore, there’s something to appeal to and delight everyone. So, from the smallest child to the youngest-at-heart grandparent, we promise that a great time will be had by all!

Ocho Rios - Beaches
Reggae Beach
Ocho Rios

We invite you to visit the 1/4 mile stretch of white sand beach nestled into a lush tropical jungle. Cool out under a palm tree with a fresh fruit cocktail served in a coconut at the "Village Beach Bar". Or try Caribbean cuisine like fresh fish, lobster, conch or spicy jerk chicken from the grill. Capture a golden tan while drifting peacefully across turquoise waters on a lie-low float. From waving fan coral to colorful clownfish and graceful rays, you'll find plenty to look at while snorkeling the bay's reefs. Kayak the coastline or hike the natural trails or experience a seaside massage. Try the seasonally fresh native fruits like Mangos, guineps, guava, ortanique, sugar cane, pineapple, papaya or naseberry. Challenge a friend to backgammon, checkers, or join a domino game. Reggae Beach has it all.

Old Road - Beaches
Carlisle Bay
Old Road

Carlisle Bay, on the south coast, features a sandy white beach and crystal clear waters. Carlisle Bay offers a taste of travel away from the beaten path, uncrowded, yet offering some amenities.

Puerto Plata - Beaches
Puerto Plata
Puerto Plata

The sands are bright white and the waters are turquoise blue. Just offshore are corral reefs teeming with life which make them perfect for diving and snorkeling.

Shoal Bay - Beaches
Shoal Bay
Shoal Bay

Anguilla’s most famous beach, where you can swim, snorkel, and sun bathe on these powder white sands. Umbrellas, lounge chairs, snorkeling equipment, glass bottom boat ridesand other activities are all available.

Simpson Bay - Beaches
Pelican Key
Simpson Bay

Pelican Key is a popular snorkeling spot as well as for beach strolls and watersports.

St. Croix - Beaches
Cane Beach
St. Croix

Cane Bay is the best beach on St. Croix, ranking best with sunbathers, snorkel enthusiasts, for walking, and is a perfect "kids" beach.

St. John - Beaches
Hawknest Bay
St. John

This beach has several sandy beaches offering seclusion and good snorkeling thanks to a two coral banks starting only several feet from the sand. Bathroom and changing facilities are available though in need of renovation. Park your car or jump out of a cab and walk no more than twenty yards through palm trees to your perfect blanket laying spot. Probably the best beach to access for anyone with physical conditions.

Salt Pond Bay
St. John

Secluded and beautiful. Great snorkeling, but a rather long down hill walk to reach beach. Bathroom facility, no showers. If you make it this far, then you're a true adventurous sort and shouldn't give up until you make the 2.2 mile hike out to the immense and stoic Ram's Head Point. Watch for wild goats.... generally will run from you and I haven't heard of any goat attacks before. This is a physically demanding trek, so take water, sunscreen and your meditation books. Definitely a place to ask the univeral questions about life and existence.

Trunk Bay
St. John

The most renown beach on the islands, and probably in the Caribbean. Certainly the most photographed and printed beach in the island magazines. This is probably due to its picture perfect view from North Shore Road. A combination of the underwater snorkeling trail, water sports kiosk, concession stand, excellent changing and bathroom facilities, and lifeguards on duty, make this a beach not to be missed. The only bummer is the National Park Service now charges a fee for entry, five dollars or so.

St. John's - Beaches
Runaway Beach
St. John's

Runaway Beach is a sugary white expanse on Antigua's western coast, home to many popular resorts, restaurants and bars. Corbinson Point, at the north end of Runaway Beach, has a salt pond, where egrets nest. The waters here are tranquil and calm.

St. Thomas - Beaches
Coki Point Beach
St. Thomas

The water is crystal-clear and warm, perfect for snorkeling. Just below that transparent surface are thousands of beautifully colored fish, swimming among great coral formations. The rocks are great, but check out around the Coral World underwater tower as well. Located on the north side of St. Thomas near Coral World.

Lindquist Beach
St. Thomas

Many famous TV commercials and print advertisements are filmed here, with the beach serving as that "Caribbean" backdrop. Another strong point is that it is not crowded - mainly because it's not very well known. Located on the east side of St. Thomas

Magens Bay Beach
St. Thomas
Tel: 340-774-8342
National Geographic named Magens Beach one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world because mof its beautiful heart shaped and sandy white beaches.

Virgin Gorda - Beaches
Devil's Bay
Virgin Gorda

Usually a little quieter than the Baths, and with a good stretch of white sand to relax on. It’s also a great base from which to explore the wonderful snorkelling opportunities around the rocks, caves and boulders of The Baths, located nearby.

The Baths
Virgin Gorda

The Baths are a must-see - a unique, natural phenomenon of exotic pools and grottos formed by enormous boulders scattered across pristine white sandy beaches.

Trunk Bay
Virgin Gorda

Trunk Bay is one of a series of white sand beaches on the island's western shore, bordered by a private estate and a palm grove and can be reached by boat or along the path from Spring Bay.

White Bay - Beaches
White Bay Beach
White Bay

White Bay Beach is known for its soothing Caribbean colours, aquamarine water, blue sky and lush, green hills, as well as the gorgeous, palm lined and brilliantly white beach. Just a few hundred feet offshore, there is a reef that shelters nearly the full length of the beach

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